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Number of alerts sent
(from 2/12/2017 to 3/13/2017)
2794 0
(no alert system)
(“due to a failure (...) the InfoCAMAC alert emails have not been transmitted”, CAMAC Secretariat)
Alerts by keywords YES NO NO
Alerts by surveillance perimeter YES NO YES
(2km or entire municipality, except in case of server failure !)
Verification of geolocation data
(statistical result, February 2015 - August 2017)
100% verified
(0% to 0.002% error ≥ 1km)
0% verified
(no geolocalization)
0% verified
(0.7% error ≥ 1km, and even 600km difference on 05/09/2017 !)
Visualization on an interactive map YES NO NO
Modern and efficient application YES NO
(no application)
(no application, and to cancel your subscription... “please send a request by e‑mail”, The CAMAC)
Mobility (rated by Google) YES YES YES / YES
Security (rated by SSL Labs) A+ B B / A+
Professional services YES NO NO
(no more since 2016)
Support YES
(“A quick answer to every question”, C. Didelot, President GHCE)
(after 15 days, “We are still waiting for an answer from our interlocutor”, CAMAC Secretariat)
Testimonies “Super simple, it convinced me” (C. Fokianos-Mehl, M.D.) “The site is almost unusable” (P. Angelozzi, USPI) “Exchanges (...) risky in terms of safety and performance” (CAMAC employee)
Annual price from 25.90 free
(paid for with your taxes)
from 89.- / free
(paid for with your taxes)
Debt enforcements, composition agreements & bankruptcies logo NeatAlerts Debt Collection Office / Bankruptcy Office
Alerts by keywords YES
(choice of the fields used by the filter)
(no choice)
Modern and efficient application YES NO
(no application)
Place of search throughout Switzerland
(possibility to select a particular State)
each State
(addressed to the competent office at the debtor's place of residence)
Period under review
(for a one-time search)
5 or 20 years 5 years
(except for debt enforcements withdrawn by the creditor)
(for a one-time search)
5 seconds 20 minutes
(at the counter or by phone)
Price of a one-time search from 11.- VAT incl.
(from the 11th search)
17.- VAT incl.